I have a passion to depict the beauty I see in our landscapes, towns and interiors – nature and colour and light. Loose brushwork in a realistic style is used to capture our precious sunlight and movement of my subjects. I like to paint towns and places as they are today –  surviving beautiful architecture often complete with cars and telegraph wires etc., as our current rushing existence can be beautiful too.

I studied Fine Craft Design in University of Ulster, Belfast and graduated in 1994. I started a ceramics business, where I was the only (crazy?) artist making their own-designed bone-china coffee-sets with original hand-painted pattern designs in addition to the unique forms in Ireland. My customers included Harrods and Thomas Goode of Mayfair and I sold internationally also. I stopped this when I had my son as the demands of both a baby and a kiln could not be managed simultaneously without one of them suffering. Easy choice – of course!…

Several years were enjoyed,working in the realm of interior design. I completed many private and developer projects. I began to paint seriously two years ago after a very pleasing reception of a portrait that was commissioned for an uncle at a great family gathering. I fell in love with my oil paints and began preparing for my first solo exhibition; painting the light which graces our landscape when the sun is with us. I love the “Golden Hours” of the morning and evening and the long shadows. I strive to convey the serene emotions which come when we rest our eyes on beautiful places. As a former interior designer, I love to enhance the living space with the art I create.